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IMPACTO BUILDING PROJECTS is a multi-building contrator company based in Abuja. It has developed an enviable reputation for customer service and satisfaction. IMPACTO BUILDING PROJECTS was incorporated as a limited liability company in Nigeria on the 18th of July, 2019 with RC – 1602349.

The Company is a Building Contracting firm. It is a full-service building, structural design, development, procurement, construction and project management organization. The firm has the ability to provide clients with a complete range of services including planning, technical studies, feasibility studies, design, purchasing as well as construction, project management and consultancy services.

The principal business of the Company is Building Contracting and Renovations works.

Our firm is managed by young, dynamic, well experienced and highly qualified experts in building technology and construction.

In therms of technical support and procurement, the company has several close associates in Europe whose resources can be readily called upon particularly in building expertise.

The key note of the Company is to maintain a customer oriented service with a high standard of quality and maximum cost effectiveness, hence the emphasis upon experience and efficient site management/production skill at all levels.

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DESCRIPTIONSPECSPRICE/M2Warehouse below 22m width width normal metal corrugated enclosure from 1m above foundationMax Height 6m Approx. 20kg/m2750.00 € Warehouse ABOVE 22m width width normal metal corrugated enclosure from 1m above foundationMax Height 6m Approx. 25kg/m2800.00 € Messanine Floor in warehouse with Concrete installes 300.00 € Multi Storey Building up to 4 Suspended Floors with Sandwich Panel enclosure in basic solid colourMax Height 17.5m Approx. 50kg/m2914.00 € Multi Storey Building up to 7 Suspended Floors with Sandwich Panel enclosure in basic solid colourMax Height 35m Approx. 80kg/m21,030.00 € OPTIONALSandwich Panel Enclosure for Warehouse instead of Normal Metal corrugated sheet 25.00 € Marble or Pattern imprint on Sandwich Panel 55.00 € NOT INCLUDED IN QUOTATIONFoundation & all substructural work Windows, Doors and Curtain Walls

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Structure and Facade


Our building structures wich we fabricate and build are composed of laminated steel profiles. With this type of structure we guarantee stability and reliability in both the assembly and in the life of the building.


This type of facade is the perfect combination with the structure of laminated steel for elevation and closing of the building in record time and with optimal aesthetics that offer many different possibilities of finishing in colour and shade.

The versatility and the possibilities offered by the completion of the facade sandwich panel allow the placement of large surfaces very quickly and easily. The sandwich panels finishing can be made in solid uniform colours or imitation of any material – wood, granite, marble…

Steel Structures

Sandwich panel facade

Partitions & finishings

Ceiling Systems

ReadyMIX Mortar for Mechanical Plaster & Rendering

One of the great advances in technology wich we possess is the application of special cement mortar with fine grain by pneumatic projection. This system can be applied to any concrete block wall getting a similar finish obtained by POP application.


The plasterboard plats are the most widely spread in the partitioning of dry interior walls.

The plasterboard plates are produced by continuous lamination gypsum paste between two special cards, achieving stability for the firm adherence of its components.


Our company offers different alternatives of false ceilings (gypsum, metallic, wooden ceiling…) both supply and installation to cover any need in terms of internal installations (suppots facilities, lighting, air conditioning diffusers, detection and extinguishing, signailing, etc…) as well as in terms of aesthetics.